Tips That Will Increase Your Snap Shot Power

The basic principle of the Hockey Snap shot is to mix the Slap shot and the Wrist shot, and make a quick powerful shot that will help the hockey player score more goals. Shot accuracy and quick delivery, plus the speed of the puck is what makes the hockey snap shot so devastating to goalies of all shape, ages, and sizes.


The first thing you will want to do when setting up for the snap shot, is to keep in mind that this shot needs to be fast and accurate. The secret to keeping the puck accurate is to keep your hands steady and firm. The hand that is on the shaft of your stick must stay put, it can not move up or down the shaft at all during your shot. You must also remember that the angle of your blade and the position of the blade of your stick when striking the puck. This solely depends on rather the shooter wants the puck to rise and hit the top corner, or are you aiming for the low corner.

Quick Puck Speed And Delivery!

The second point of the snap shot is to execute it fast, so that the puck hits the back of the net ASAP. Witch means you need to take a faster, and shorter wind up before you shoot the puck. In order to gain a faster shot, your knees must be bent with most of your weight on your back leg. Just like the slap shot you will need to shift your weight from back to front. You do not want to raise your stick high, you only want to raise your stick 6/ 12 inches above the ice. The shorter the height of the blade, the faster the shot will be.

Many hockey professional agree that the snap shot is a great compromise of the Wrist shot and the Slap shot. The Deceptive nature of the Snap shot is what makes this shot so great and successful on the ice and around the hockey world.